allawonda-piloncycle: Hi. I honestly don't know if this is still running but I really need to know something and I don't know where else to ask. I looked up that over-the-top fight India and Carmen got into back in 2012 (I'm fairly new to RPDR) and people where calling her transphobic which confused me a little. I saw the original posts and I can see where it could've came across as transphobic (?) but as a trans person myself, didn't look to be at all. Am I missing something here? 

That “beef” is long dead! And I’m a transsexual woman as well and didn’t find India’s words transphobic either, although I think her words weren’t chosen well.. I’m glad Carmen and India aren’t at it anymore!!

India Ferrah & Laverne Cox @ GLAAD 2011

Happy Birthday India Ferrah <3